About Conference

It's our immense pleasure and privilege to invite all the participants to attend the International Conference on Clinical Nutrition.

The 2-day program consists of a wide range of sessions which covers both the scientific and educational topics of nutrition and its related area. It’s a unique platform to extend the research thoughts, knowledge and to build up a network with the broad spectrum of professional and experts all over the world.

This global meeting gives the chance to Nutritionists, Dietician's, clinicians, dynamic experts from health care professionals, young researchers, specialists and analysts throughout the world to assemble and take in the latest advances in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics and to exchange novel ideas and experiences.

Clinical nutrition 2019, aims to spread an awareness on proper nutrition, malnutrition and its impact on health issues, the importance of energy balance in patients and major nutrients such as fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamins and more.

Scope and Importance:

Clinical Nutrition Conference 2019 is intended to give an eminent opening to the experts in the field of Nutrition to explore the latest innovation and its potential future. Clinical Nutrition 2019 is planned to provide a unique platform for the clinical nutritionist, registered dieticians and other health care professionals, researchers and students working in this field to intentionally, exchange visions and their understandings in front of large intercontinental listeners. Thus, promoting top-level research on Nutrition to globalize the quality research in general, making discussions, presentations more competitive and coming up with a solution to improve the health. Clinical Nutrition 2019 also offers exceptional business opportunities and access to the exciting new market. We are sharply aware of the growing trends associated with Nutrition. The companies dealing with clinical Nutrition conference and supplements can exhibit their products in the clinical nutrition exhibition and expo. 

The intact of Natural 
nutrients has heightened immense benefits on human health and diet. They are not just solely consumed to meet the requirements of daily ingestion but also engaged to have a physiological benefit, physical performance promoter, and in management and treatment of enormous life-threatening disorders. Thus, it is timely that Nutrition Conference 2019 will enable you to discuss novel formulation strategies to develop the products with improved therapeutic efficacy.

Benefits of attending

  • Augment the greatest asset you have
  • Self-renew yourself
  • Meet experts and influencer face to face
  • Assimilate the vigor of compatible individual
  • Explode from antiquity
  • Acquire the greatest focus
  • Opportunity to create a professional network 

Target Audience:

  • Clinical Nutritionists
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Directors and professors from university and institute
  • Health-Care Professionals
  • Post-doctoral and Ph.D. working on Nutrition research field
  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Training Institutes
  • Universities and College Students
  • Nutrition and Food science Associates
  • Nutrition based Companies
  • Business Entrepreneurs

Why Bangkok, Thailand??

Bangkok is mainly called The City of Angels and is the capital city of Thailand. It is in the Chao Phraya River delta with 8.3 million population. It maintains its historical architecture and traditions. Bangkok, is a place to spend holidays, is packed with everything from excitement and chaos, to freedom, beauty, and adventure. Food production and productivity have increased in Thailand, which is one of a few Southeast Asian countries that produce surplus agricultural food and non-food products for export.

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